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Since 2016, Push 40 Fitness has helped members reach their fitness goals through efficient science-based workouts, top-tier personal trainers, and nutritional guidance.

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Improve your cardio, build lean muscle, and stay accountable with the help of our experienced coaches.

Improve your cardio in a supportive group setting.

40-Minute HIIT Class

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) improves your cardio while toning muscles and developing core strength. In this fun, fast-paced workout, your coach will guide you through four stations: Air Bike, TRX, Dumbbells, and Curve Treadmill.

Build lean muscle with the help of an experienced coach.

Semi-Private Strength Training

Strength training at Push 40 Fitness will help you get stronger, build lean muscle, and change your body composition. Work with our experienced personal trainers to achieve proper form and technique as they track your progress and help you hit your goals!

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Our coaches will guide you through a HIIT class or strength training session and personalize it to meet your needs.