Welcome to Push 40 Fitness

Push 40 Fitness is a group fitness studio located in Chartiers Valley Shopping Center in Bridgeville, PA.

Watch as Coach Dan, the owner of Push 40 Fitness, introduces you to group interval training and takes you through our 40-Minute Full-Body Workout from start to finish.

Our Workout

Our signature 40-minute workout guides you through four stations designed to push your cardio endurance to new heights while toning your muscles and developing core strength.


At the AirBike station, you’ll take on one of the most efficient cardio machines on the market.

Curve Treadmill

At the Curve Treadmill station, you’ll work on specially designed treadmills that are perfect for interval training.

Free Weights

At the Free Weights station, you’ll focus on functional movements to build strength over time.

Studio Floor Plan

Our Members

When we say Push 40 Fitness is more than a gym, we’re talking about our incredible fitness community. These members, relatives, and friends that we fondly refer to as “Push Nation” make coming to class about so much more than just a workout.

The best part about Push 40 Fitness is the variety of clients—you have those who are in great shape, those who are just starting their fitness journey, and those in the middle. There’s never a person who feels out of place or lost.

Michael Moses

I have always loved working out, but sometimes the gym can get well “boring”. This is definitely not the case at Push 40! Dan and the team of coaches are always keeping you on your toes and changing things up!

Renee Landy

This gym has literally changed my life. I’m back in shape after two kids, eating healthier thanks to their nutrition program, and I actually enjoy waking up early for the 6am classes. I only wish I had found it sooner!

Kate Stevens

Push 40 is truly a unique gym. It’s really not just a place to “go work out”—it is a place where you can get great results AND make some seriously awesome friendships. It’s one of the best parts of my day and it’s a GYM… I mean, seriously?!

Angie Rogers