What is a group class?

This is a 40-Minute group class workout that is designed to get your heart rate up, build your cardiovascular endurance. We rotate through 4 stations (Bike, TRX, Treadmill, and Dumbbells) to give you the most efficient 40-minute workout around!

What is semi-private strength training?

This program is designed to help build strength and lean muscle. Each session is a full-body workout where we use dumbbells, barbells, and TRX to challenge you and up to 5 other members. We track your workout each week to make sure we are progressing you to get stronger!

Class Management:

Requirement to sign up for a class will be done through the Push 40 Fitness App or Mind Body App (which can be downloaded for free at the App Store), or in person at the gym. Due to a limited amount of space in each class, Group Class Month-to-Month Members will lose their class if they do not cancel 12 hours in advance of a class. Semi-private Strength Members will lose their session if they do not cancel 24 hours in advance of a session.

What types of membership do you offer?

We offer two programs, Group Classes and Semi-Private Strength Training, and they each have their own separate memberships. A membership gives you access for up to 4, 8, or 12 sessions in a 28 day period. Sessions do not roll over to the next month if they are unused. Memberships will continue to auto-renew unless they are cancelled. Cancelations of memberships must be done 28 days before your next billing date via emailing support@push40fitness.com

Can I freeze my membership?

Each member will have the right to freeze their account, one time per 12-month period (for up to 30 consecutive days). The cost to freeze a membership for Group Classes is $50 and Semi-private Strength training is $100. The member is responsible for submitting this request via email to support@push40fitness.com.

Is there an age limit?

The minimum age to workout at Push 40 Fitness is 14 years old. Anyone who is 14 or15 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Which program is right for me?

Everyone has their own specific goals and needs when it comes to working out. Let us help you design a plan that aligns with your goals.