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40-Minute HIIT Class

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) improves your cardio while toning muscles and developing core strength. In this fun, fast-paced workout, your coach will guide you through four stations: Air Bike, TRX, Dumbbells, and Curve Treadmill.

Headshot of Coach Lindsay.

We all know we need to put some focus towards cardio to help our heart health, but not everyone loves biking or running. In 40 minutes, a few times a week, you can check the box on cardio and burn some serious calories in the process.

Lindsay Pritz · Head Coach, Push 40 Fitness

A woman doing bicep curls at the TRX station.

40 minutes • 4 stations • 20-second intervals

Inside the workout

At the start of each class, your coach will demonstrate the workout of the day. You and your classmates will then try each station during warm-ups before the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) begins.


Air bike

Combine an upper- and lower-body workout on one of the most efficient calorie-burning machines on the market. Our air bikes challenge you by automatically ramping up resistance as you push, pull, and pedal with greater speed and force.


TRX suspension training

Put your own body weight and gravity to work as you increase strength, balance, and core stability through hundreds of exercises. Flexible straps allow you to increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise as your fitness improves.



Strengthen and tone your body by activating multiple muscle groups through functional movements. Each station is equipped with a full set of dumbbells so that you can increase resistance as you become stronger.


Curve treadmill

Pace yourself for a brisk walk or an all-out sprint as you push your cardiovascular endurance to new levels. Our self-powered Woodway Curve Treadmills burn 30% more calories than flat treadmills, allowing you to naturally increase or decrease speed with no electricity required.


HIIT class packages

Flexible month-to-month class packages can be adjusted to fit your schedule as the seasons change.

4 HIIT classes

$99 per month

8 HIIT classes

$159 per month

Unlimited classes

$199 per month

Classes do not roll over at the end of each month. Packages automatically renew one month after purchase. Cancel anytime.

Headshot of Taylor.

I love the HIIT classes! The coaches are always there to PUSH you harder! Best gym I have ever attended!

Taylor · Member, Push 40 Fitness

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The Push 40 secret is simple: amazing owners and trainers, a true community feel, and workouts that leave you out of breath, sweaty, and stronger every day!

Justin · Member, Push 40 Fitness

You’ve got this!

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