Our Team

The coaches at Push 40 Fitness provide the motivation, guidance, and accountability required to meet your goals. Every 40-minute workout is led by one of these experienced group fitness instructors.

Each of our coaches brings their own style to group interval training. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just getting started in the gym, they’ll make sure you are welcome, safe, and motivated throughout the workout.

Dan Hoffman

Coach Dan, the owner of Push 40 Fitness, teaches weekday morning classes, youth fitness camps, and the Fitness + Nutrition Program.

Amy Winters

Coach Amy teaches classes Monday and Wednesday evenings and is Push 40’s running and foam rolling expert.

Kristy Schelb

Coach Kristy teaches classes on Tuesday evenings and weekend mornings and also co-teaches youth fitness classes.

Chris Price

Coach Chris teaches Thursday evenings, weekend mornings, and occasionally from the kitchen whenever inspiration strikes!